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Knol: Annotum-WordPress-Theme or an other WordPress-Theme?

Hi, So, soon on May 1st, 2012 Knol Authors should leave Knol as it will discontinue its service! Knol Authors get told that they have the option to migrate their knols to WordPress-Annotum if wanted so… What Knol Authors should know: If you want to go to WordPress, OK. Let’s talk about a bit to […]

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How-To: Knol Migration Preparation-a need!

Hi, Before you make your Knol-Migration to WordPress-Annotum there is a deep need to make a preparation! Did I say preparation, why? Why there is a need to make a preparation before migrating my knols? The Knol-Migration process doesn’t allow Knol Authors to migrate the knols one each at the time but forces Knol Authors […]

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Did You Know: Migration of your knols/co-authors of knols

Hi, Migration of your knols: being ONLY a co-author on some knols is a big responsibility when making the migration as ALL your knols, even those where you are ONLY co-author will get transferred to your new home on WordPress-Annotum!!! Thus meaning: the knols where YOU are not the OWNER and where you are ONLY co-author […]

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