How-To: Knol Migration Preparation-a need!



Before you make your Knol-Migration to WordPress-Annotum there is a deep need to make a preparation! Did I say preparation, why?

Why there is a need to make a preparation before migrating my knols?

The Knol-Migration process doesn’t allow Knol Authors to migrate the knols one each at the time but forces Knol Authors to migrate ALL the knols in one and ONLY transfer process!!! This isn’t a clever solution at all as Knol Authors will transfer also the knols where they are not the owners of the knols and where they are ONLY co-authors!

Thus meaning: you transfer knols to your new home which are not your property (!!!) and the OWNER of these knols will certainly not be happy about that 😦 There will be problems to sort out such a situation, not easy at all and Knol Authors without an experience on WordPress-Annotum won’t be able to sort out that situation!!!

So, what about a Migration-Preparation and How-To do it?

I suggest strongly that any Knol Author who wants to make the Migration to WordPress-Annotum thinks seriously about it before he (she) is doing it, thus meaning:

  • Remove yourself as co-author from any knol where you are co-author
  • Remove any co-author from your knols where you are the owner of it
  • Remove… same procedure as mentioned above from any collections of knols

BUT: don’t forget to make a list of any of them to still know with which people you worked together on what knol an knol-collection to make sure to respect your fellow authors and to be able to invite them back again to your new home account on WordPress-Annotum this to ensure the good relation-ship which you had with them and to respect also the work they provided on your knols…

A good way to prepare such lists is to use Google Docs Spread-Sheets where you will need to prepare different lists:

  • I am the owner of knols and here are my co-authors
  • I am the co-author of knols and here are the owners of collaborative knols
  • Here is my list of collections where I am the owner and here are my co-authors
  • Here is my list of collections where I am the co-author and here are the owners

As you might have found out now, there is a lot of work to do for the preparation, but this work is less than the work you will have later when not respecting this good advice, so please follow it…

Avoid any problems by thinking ahead what could happen in case of… Give your brain a practice about that and you you will have no problems but only solutions 😉

And the most IMPORTANT: don’t set a redirect to knols where you are NOT THE OWNER!

There are no problems, only solutions. Together we find the appropriate solutions…
Stay tuned for next small 5 minutes tutorials and posts 😉

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