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What are QR-Codes?

Hi, You probably have seen on my start page these strange squares with black and white dots and squares and were asking yourself, what is this? . That are QR-Codes who can get used with your smartphones to display coded messages. To find out more about those QR-Codes I invite you to read my curation […]

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Manual migration of knols…

Hi, . . . . As already said in a preview post, I will migrate my knols with only one author manually; here below an example of some French knols which I migrated in the last days… This will show you what is possible to create with WordPress and to compare it also with Knol: […]

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Did You Know: Code in WordPress-Annotum…

Hi, Did You Know: Some code is NOT allowed in WordPress-Annotum such as: HTML: embed frame iframe form input object textarea and others… So isn’t it allowed to use JavaScript, nor Flash and other Embeds… To find out more about Code, please visit Posting Source Code. Stay tuned for next posts 😉

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