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Did You Know: Code in WordPress-Annotum…

Hi, Did You Know: Some code is NOT allowed in WordPress-Annotum such as: HTML: embed frame iframe form input object textarea and others… So isn’t it allowed to use JavaScript, nor Flash and other Embeds… To find out more about Code, please visit Posting Source Code. Stay tuned for next posts 😉

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Did You Know: Annotum and the Visual Editor-The TinyMCE – Javascript WYSIWYG Editor

Hi, Let us have a look on the Editor in WordPress-Annotum and explain it a bit, there is a need as it is different from what Knol Authors were used… First have a look at Crowd Favorite: Structured XML editor in TinyMCE to understand the philosophy behind it… WordPress-Annotum uses a reduced version of the TinyMCE – Javascript […]

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