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Knol Farewell


I wish to thank ALL my knol co-authors for the fantastic time we spent together and wish them a good time also on WordPress, Blogger, Annotum and where ever they migrated their knols… .   . I hope that most of them don’t have migration problems as I have… I need to make the migration […]

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Not everybody can make the automated Knol to Annotum Migration!

Hi, I am a bit frustrated, seriously! Being one of the Top authors on Google Knol (see screenshot below) I am not able to make the automatic procedure for the Knol-to-Annotum Migration as I apparently have a lot knols published!??? Reply from the official Help of Annotum: ===> A few knol users, including yourself, are […]

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What are QR-Codes?

Hi, You probably have seen on my start page these strange squares with black and white dots and squares and were asking yourself, what is this? . That are QR-Codes who can get used with your smartphones to display coded messages. To find out more about those QR-Codes I invite you to read my curation […]

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Google Knol on Hypocrysis? Quo Vadis?

Hi, GOOGLE Knol, Quo Vadis? – Knol is promising authors a new venue, a new place to migrate their knols, but serious problems with the Knol Interface don’t allow this! Since end of December 2011 there are many problems who were reported from different authors and even most from TOP Knol Authors, but no action […]

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Annotum, how to talk about it…

Hi, I recently had a conversation over mail with Carl LEUBSDORF Jr., the creator of “Annotum” and Carl gave me some advice, such as: Don’t refer to Annotum as either “WordPress-Annotum” or “WP-Annotum”. The product name is simply “Annotum”, and while it is based upon the WordPress platform, the product — a scholarly authoring and […]

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