Did You Know: Migration of your knols/co-authors of knols



Migration of your knols: being ONLY a co-author on some knols is a big responsibility when making the migration as ALL your knols, even those where you are ONLY co-author will get transferred to your new home on WordPress-Annotum!!!

Thus meaning: the knols where YOU are not the OWNER and where you are ONLY co-author will get transferred also to YOUR new home on WordPress, so think on that before YOU make the migration. The OWNERS of the knols where YOU are ONLY co-author will certainly not be happy about that step. This causes big problems and a lot of unnecessary work for the OWNERS of these knols.

YOU might want to make already the migration but what about the other authors which whom you are working together? Did YOU think on that? YOU, when deciding without telling and making a common date for migrating YOUR knols together with the other authors will bring the OWNERS of the knols, where YOU are ONLY co-author, in an embarrassing situation!

Why that?

When YOU as co-author decide to migrate your knols YOU will transfer ALL of your knols, even the knols of the authors who are OWNERS of the knols where you are co-author and the redirect links on Knol will point to YOUR new home!

Do you think that the owner of these knols would feel happy with that? Seriously NO! YOU will get the traffic to your new home from the redirected links on Knol as those knols will not anymore be visible on Knol! The OWNER of these knols will not anymore be able to view its originals on Knol, thus meaning:

As the knols will not get transferred on a 1:1 base, not all the code who was working on Knol is also working on WordPress-Annotum, and this gives the OWNER of those knols a lot more work, as also he needs NOW also to publish his knols to ensure that they are visible again… on the new home… and then to change the redirect link on his “not anymore visible knols” to the new location… That is an enormous work and completely unnecessary, think on this before making the migration, please…

When working together with other authors that is meaning that one has some responsibility also, the responsibility for that small community where people are working together on a same project and that is meaning that when someone leaves this community that at least he will tell the rest of that community about his decision… That’s called also “Communication“, the letter “C” in “ICT” which means “Information and Communication Technologies”… When talking about such a decision with all the authors who were working on a same project there will certainly be someone who knows a bit more about to take such a decision alone and will guide the others and also manage it so that everybody together gets full satisfaction…

Think Community 😉 please and thanks to do so…

Stay tuned for next small 5 minutes tutorials and posts 😉 Next tutorials will be about how to resolve migration problems as mentioned above…

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