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My migrated knols-part1/May 11

Hi, . . .. This is a list of my migrated French and English knols to Annotum and WordPress as on May 11, 2012. . . . English migrated knols to Annotum: December 29, 2011 April 14, 2012 May 2, 2012 English migrated knols to WordPress: January 5, 2012 January 7, 2012 French migrated knols […]

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Manual migration of knols…

Hi, . . . . As already said in a preview post, I will migrate my knols with only one author manually; here below an example of some French knols which I migrated in the last days… This will show you what is possible to create with WordPress and to compare it also with Knol: […]

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Manual Knol Migration to WordPress…

Hi, As I said already in a previous post, it is also possible to migrate knols manually to WordPress and this also by not using the Annotum-Theme. I did this already for some of my French knols and now I migrated my first English knol, a single author knol… This new blog uses a FREE […]

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