Knol: Annotum-WordPress-Theme or an other WordPress-Theme?



So, soon on May 1st, 2012 Knol Authors should leave Knol as it will discontinue its service! Knol Authors get told that they have the option to migrate their knols to WordPress-Annotum if wanted so…

What Knol Authors should know:

If you want to go to WordPress, OK. Let’s talk about a bit to clarify that situation of the migration…

Are you a Knol Author with co-authors on its knols?

If so, then it’s the right decision to use WordPress-Annotum as that Theme allows you to work together with other authors!

Are you a Knol Author who is self-publishing without any co-authors?

You could do the migration to WordPress-Annotum as well and choosing later an other Theme for your publications…

Find a selection of Themes here: WordPress Themes

Stay tuned for next small 5 minutes tutorials and posts 😉

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