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ICT course instructor

ICT course instructor ................ Life Long Learner, Critical Thinker, IT-Security Thought Provoker, who loves to share his knowledge with others... I believe that through "Curation", by building a "Personal [Professional] Learning Network [PLN]" and that by "Social Learning" WE go for a BETTER learning...

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My migrated knols-part1/May 11

Hi, . . .. This is a list of my migrated French and English knols to Annotum and WordPress as on May 11, 2012. . . . English migrated knols to Annotum: December 29, 2011 April 14, 2012 May 2, 2012 English migrated knols to WordPress: January 5, 2012 January 7, 2012 French migrated knols […]

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It’s over for Google Knol!

Hi, Exactly at 18h55 GMT+1 Google Knol doesn’t exist anymore 😦 See screenshot below. Here my announcing tweet about it Knol Infos ‏ @knolinfos #free #publishing It’s over for #Google #Knol Knol has been discontinued and this content is no longer available. 😦 . . Authors can still download ALL their knols to a file through October 1st, 2012! . Authors who don’t […]

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Knol Farewell

I wish to thank ALL my knol co-authors for the fantastic time we spent together and wish them a good time also on WordPress, Blogger, Annotum and where ever they migrated their knols… .   . I hope that most of them don’t have migration problems as I have… I need to make the migration […]

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Not everybody can make the automated Knol to Annotum Migration!

Hi, I am a bit frustrated, seriously! Being one of the Top authors on Google Knol (see screenshot below) I am not able to make the automatic procedure for the Knol-to-Annotum Migration as I apparently have a lot knols published!??? Reply from the official Help of Annotum: ===> A few knol users, including yourself, are […]

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And again Knol Problems… Never ending story!

Hi, Today on March 29, 2012 it is impossible to have access on its own knols! The Knol start page doesn’t show up any knols nor the “Featured” knols! When I want to access one of my knols I get directed to the Search part of Knol and can’t even open any of my knols!!! […]

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Problems again with Knol…

Hi, Today March 29, 2012 Knol shows again big problems as there is a start page shown without any content! No “Featured”, no “What’s new” and of course the Search Toolkit doesn’t work neither :-((( No chance for Knol authors to make a decent migration!!! .

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Social Medias and its Influence: Adventure with IT-Security Tweeps on Twitter

Hi, Social Media #SoMe is very important to promote your blogs, articles and web sites! I had some very interesting adventures by using Twitter as my main Media to promote my curations  and also my blogs from WordPress and Annotum… . Find out about my story with Social Media Twitter here: . The story […]

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What are QR-Codes?

Hi, You probably have seen on my start page these strange squares with black and white dots and squares and were asking yourself, what is this? . That are QR-Codes who can get used with your smartphones to display coded messages. To find out more about those QR-Codes I invite you to read my curation […]

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Manual migration of knols…

Hi, . . . . As already said in a preview post, I will migrate my knols with only one author manually; here below an example of some French knols which I migrated in the last days… This will show you what is possible to create with WordPress and to compare it also with Knol: […]

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Understanding Annotum: The presentation from Solvitor and more…

Hi, Let me present to you a very interesting video from its creators, from SOLVITOR by Carl LEUBSDORF to understand the history behind ANNOTUM… Annotum is a product of Solvitor LLC with heavy lifting by Crowd Favorite Related links: Annotum: System Vision and Use Cases Annotum Start Page Annotum Scholarly Publishing Platform (Slideshare) Annotum by Crowd […]

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Knol Servers don’t work today!???

Hi, No Knol Landing page nor knols visible today!!! At 4:28 pm CET I sent a tweet on Twitter @billstr Hi, please check Google Knol 502. That’s an error. The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request. Also did I post a message on Google+  at 4:26 pm CET +Bill Strathearn Hi, please check! […]

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How-To: using Google Takeout for “Download my knols to a file”

Hi, As reported on Knol Help Page their are a lot of people who have problems to use the “Download my knols to a file“… So, here we go. I will explain you How-To: first click the link “Download my knols to a file” as shown in above screenshot… Make sure to be logged in […]

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