What are QR-Codes?



You probably have seen on my start page these strange squares with black and white dots and squares and were asking yourself, what is this?


That are QR-Codes who can get used with your smartphones to display coded messages. To find out more about those QR-Codes I invite you to read my curation about it, lots of practical examples from where you certainly understand its importance and its utilities


QR-Codes and its applications…


QR-Codes are very interesting and will save you a lot of time, no need anymore to type letter by letter addresses onto your smartphone for reaching a web site, to add contacts to your phonelists and…

Modern business cards can get created with QR-Code, even with providing an automatic add to my phonelist, add to my contact list and this with an smartphone friendly web site preview and the possibility to add ALL your data with ONLY one click, such as this utility SCAN.ME, see screenshot below…



More info:


But QR-Codes could also get used by #cybercriminals to connect you to a malware infected web site! So be prepared for this also and the best way that this won’t happen to you is to install a QR-Code-Reader with an integrated protection! I suggest the app from Symantec (Norton)


So why these QR-Codes on my start page here on WordPress-Annotum?

I would like to welcome my visitors with a personal voice message in French and in English. A voice message in QR-Codes? YES, that is also possible, check out this utility:

With it you create for FREE any voice message…

I don’t have a smartphone or my smartphone doesn’t have the ability to connect to Internet, can I also read the QR-Codes on my computer?

YES, you can. There are several utilities who allow you to do this and they are also FREE!


So, if you want to read my QR-Codes presented on my start page here, I suggest to download the QReader Beta for your Chrome Browser and with a “right-click” you may listen to my messages…


Here again those QR-Codes displayed so you may try it out…




Enjoy it 😉 Hope you got it now what QR-Codes are and what’s their applications 🙂



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