Google Knol on Hypocrysis? Quo Vadis?



GOOGLE Knol, Quo Vadis?


Knol is promising authors a new venue, a new place to migrate their knols, but serious problems with the Knol Interface don’t allow this!

Since end of December 2011 there are many problems who were reported from different authors and even most from TOP Knol Authors, but no action taken from GOOGLE KNOL!!!

Even that myself I made the contact with Carl LEUBSDORF.Jr, the Creator of Annotum for trying to find a “bridge over troubled water” and Carl was so kind to make some actions as here

===> But still NO ACTION from GOOGLE KNOL :((( <===

How can one still trust on any GOOGLE PROGRAM? Me, for sure, I will not anymore follow any BETA’s from such a company…

Actually it isn’t possible to get ALL my knols migrated by the dead line (May 1, 2012) with such problems, NO WAY!!!

Looks like GOOGLE KNOL is paying back the money to show how certain authors are (Hypocrysis), LOL 😉

Have a nice day and best regards,

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