Annotum, how to talk about it…



I recently had a conversation over mail with Carl LEUBSDORF Jr., the creator of “Annotum” and Carl gave me some advice, such as:

Don’t refer to Annotum as either “WordPress-Annotum” or “WP-Annotum”. The product name is simply “Annotum”, and while it is based upon the WordPress platform, the product — a scholarly authoring and publishing system — has a very specific name and brand.

“WordPress-Annotum” is like calling the site “Ruby-Twitter” or “PHP-Facebook” or any site running on Apache as “Apache-SiteName”.

These products are called Twitter and Facebook, not a hybrid name with the platform or language included.

I learned this today and want to share it with other readers… So, we are using up from now only “Annotum” for the product 😉

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