Which choice, WP-Annotum or WP-Themes?



As already mentioned shortly on a previous post Knol: Annotum-WordPress-Theme or an other WordPress-Theme? Knol authors can make a choice how they will migrate their knols to WordPress if wished so…

Did You Know:

You don’t need to use the automatic migration which is transferring ALL your knols to WP-Annotum, also your knols where you are only co-author and not the owner of these knols 😦 which isn’t pleasant at all for the OWNER of these knols… That is one of the biggest bugs of that automatic migration… and gives the OWNER of these knols a huge work to get them back on his own WP-account…

You can download your knols as files to your computer, thus meaning:

Download my knols to a file https://www.google.com/takeout#custom:knol
(Save a copy and set up redirects. You can still export to WordPress.com later)

ONLY for knols without co-authors:

You even don’t need to use WP-Annotum Theme then to publish your knols on WP, but you can choose from a huge collection of Themes on WP to publish your new blogs (not knols anymore, but blogs…)

Here is an overview of the possible Themes to choose from: http://theme.wordpress.com/

Here also my Help Blog about the Knol Migration: http://knolannotummigration.wordpress.com/

Some of my manually migrated knols (blogs now…) to show you some practical examples:

– My French blogs: http://gustmeesfr.wordpress.com/

This will give you an idea about what you can create…

===> PS: Make sure to remove your co-authors, to remove yourself where you are a co-author on any knol <===

This to avoid bad surprises when making the migration… Make a list of where you were a co-author, where you were the owner, where others were your co-authors… I explained that already in a previous post, check out…

Stay tuned for next 5 minutes tutorials and posts 😉

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