Knol Authors could migrate to “” (benefits and cons) find out…


What does this mean?

Knol will be moving to Annotum on May 1, 2012

as announced on English Knol Help Page from Google Knol

So, Knol authors have the choice where to move after Mai 1, 2012, given the opportunity to make the migration to ““…

Let us have a look on that NEW proposed home of Knol Authors and find out what will get us authors proposed and what is the difference” and ““, very important to know!

See screenshot below…

Image (screenshot) credits: Support WordPress

The most important phrase is “ does not permit uploading themes or plugins.”, so be aware about that up from the beginning!

Authors can not “play around” as used on Knol, they are (if migrated…) in afixed structure” which they have to respect by 100%… That’s the FREE solution, want more?

So if you want more, you need to choose an other option…

Check out here:, WordPress, and for more information…

Of course Knol Authors can also choose an other destination…

Stay tuned for next small tutorials 😉

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