Knol is dead, show what you are able to do on WordPress-Annotum!



Show what you are able to do on WordPress-Annotum, the new home of Knol and make the migration with peace, without the need to have enemies. The enemy is yourself (he is inside you…) if you are not able to socialize with every body… if you need at any moment to find acknowledgement and appreciation…

NOW Knol authors will meet a bigger community (existing WordPress + joining Knol authors…) who will certainly watch more in depth what the newcomers (Google Knol Authors) will publish in that existing platform!

It’s a platform who is much more civilized as Knol ever was and hopefully Knol Authors will show up there with good manners and respect to each other…and to the rest of WordPress authors

Knol authors, when migrating need to get used to WordPress, they will not be anymore Knol authors, it’s not anymore Knol (change your habits…) they will be members of WordPress Community, remember this please

Let’s make a good impression about Knol authors joining the big WordPress Community and don’t forget that already WordPress members are watching about what Knol authors are publishing here 😉

I want also to thank the WordPress community for their warm welcome of Knol authors.

Stay tuned for next small tutorial and post 😉

Have a nice day and best regards,


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  1. Shafali

    Hi Gust,

    I am still not sure whether I want to migrate my book to Annotum. I am really not clear about how they’d build a community here. While I am an admirer of WordPress for its user-friendly interface, I think that the onus of bringing readers to your content lies solely on your shoulders.

    I’ll return to read more of your posts later,

    Warm Regards,

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