My experience with the migration from Knol to WordPress-Annotum


Moving from one home to an other one is even in real life nothing easy, so certainly not in virtual life (Internet)…

I will try to report about my experience with the migration Knol-WordPress-Annotum, but first of all I want to publish some small tutorials about what I mean are the most important things to know when making this migration…

When moving one needs first to know the new home to make sure up from the beginning that one encounters less problems as possible… So why I start first to try out WordPress-Annotum by manual programming in HTML and by normal posting. I will report my experience in here so that other authors will have it much more easy than myself…

Date: 01 December, 2011

I was playing since three days around with Annotum Theme before I got a bit familiar with it…

What are my first impressions?

Coming soon… Stay tuned 😉

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