What can Knol authors expect from WordPress-Annotum? What Knol authors should know-Part 1



I will start a short series of tutorials here to explain in small steps about what Knol authors can expect from WordPress-Annotum, so that the migration will get better understood.

What happens now to Knol authors is like moving from one house to an other one and I will try to explain it on this way. So first of all, how is this new house looking?

Are there templates in WordPress-Annotum?

YES, but ONLY two templates for the moment. Please have a look below:

Annotum Sans

Annotum Base

So this house is not our own house, authors are renting it only and this for FREE. Are authors allowed to transform this house, meaning to use an other template as the two proposed templates?

Authors are allowed, of course, to change the templates but… ===> NO, don’t do this! <===

Here below why:

WARNING! You are currently running an Annotum-enabled theme: Annotum Sans

Switching to a non-Annotum-enabled theme would make your scholarly articles invisible, if you have any. Never fear, the content would be preserved, but can only be displayed within an Annotum-enabled theme. Should you want to want to switch to one of our standard or premium themes, you can convert your articles to standard posts beforehand. By doing so, your articles will be visible under any of our themes.

I think these are the two first steps Knol authors should know up from the beginning.

Next short tutorial will answer your questions about multi-authors on WordPress-Annotum.

===> Coming soon, stay tuned 😉 <===

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  1. Philip Verghese 'Ariel

    Hi Gust,
    Great Tutorials Here
    Thanks a lot for the
    informative pieces.
    Best Regards

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