Extended: Google Knol to WordPress migration



eXpressIN have also written some more helpful posts for Google Knol migration:
this post will be more extended and detailed version and answers lots of questions such as:

  • Why Google is shutting down Knol
  • How it will impact Knol authors
  • Why they are not migrating Knols to blogger
  • How I will migrate to WordPress
  • What’s the redirection, what needs to be done
  • I want to migarate  Knols to Blogger or is there any other Google service I can use
  • What if I want to move my Knols to my own personal website ( my own domain and web hosting)

All the questions are answered on their experience with this industry for past 7 years and all views are their personal. They are trying to answer as simple as they can and if you have any more questions and if anything looks more technical in nature, please comment at last of this page … be assured they will get you an answer.

Visit their complete article Extended: Google Knol to WordPress migration where all these questions are getting answered.
Many thanks to this friendly help from them…

Hope this helps… Stay tuned for next short tutorial 😉

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