Archives for November 27, 2011

Extended: Google Knol to WordPress migration

Hi, eXpressIN have also written some more helpful posts for Google Knol migration: this post will be more extended and detailed version and answers lots of questions such as: Why Google is shutting down Knol How it will impact Knol authors Why they are not migrating Knols to blogger How I will migrate to WordPress […]

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Demos of knols migrated to Annotum

Hi, Looks like the fellows from WordPress are working hard to help Knol authors as they created some demos from “copied knol” migrations: Annotum Sans Demo-1 Annotum Sans Demo-2 (Deutsch) Annotum Sans Demo-3 Message to these programmers: thanks a lot for this especially also for having used one of my knols 🙂

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Moving from Google Knol to

Hi, IMPORTANT, please read this: ===> Hello! If you are making the transition from Google Knol to, please do not post in the forums about the problem you are experiencing. We need to know about any and all issues with the Google Knol as soon as we can, so if you’ve already read theFAQ and the step-by-step […]

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