A migration solution from Knol to ANNOTUM WordPress…



Google Knol is proposing a migration of the knols to the new ANNOTUM WordPress platform, but:

===> Welcome to the home of Annotum, an open-source, open-process, open-access >>>>”scholarly authoring and publishing platform” <<<< based on WordPress. <===

Link: http://annotum.org/welcome/

This could get understood as meaning that ONLY a small percentage of Knol authors will be able to use that solution as lot of knols don’t have a scholarly content… but a Knol author “Murry SHOHAT” asked about this in the Google Groupes Guidance for Knol authors  and got the following Answer:

Please note that Annotum is a software tool in the form of a WordPress theme and associated plugins – it is not a repository of articles or knowledge. Please see the following article for more information:


Individuals can choose to move their knol content to a site that uses the Annotum theme, either on WordPress.com or on a self-hosted WordPress site that the user controls.

It is *the site owner* for each of these sites that is responsible for recruiting peer reviewers, submission guidelines, and approval standards and processes.

Regarding your question about article quality, neither the Annotum software team nor the WordPress.com hosting group will make any restrictions on what content is transferred, or created, assuming the content lies within the very broad terms of service (http://en.wordpress.com/tos/) for content  on WordPress.com.

I will follow the evolution and comment all the known issues here, stay tuned for next posts 😉

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